Botaniska är en grön och lugn oas i centrala Göteborg, dit människor går för att njuta av växtligheten och få en paus från stadslivet. I utkanten av området ligger trädgårdens mysiga butik, 

en plats som inte riktigt fått den uppmärksamhet och besöksfrekvens den förtjänar. Genom att ge verksamheten ett uttryck som kommunicerar dess syfte och som vänder sig till en ny generation kan Botaniska stärka sin position både som butik och som besöksmål.

De senaste åren har odling blivit en trend bland unga vuxna. I och med detta har en ny, modern, grön våg med fokus på kruk­växter och lättodlat vuxit fram. I takt med att intresset ökar har antalet forum på sociala medier gjort detsamma.

Efter analys av målgrupp, omvärld och syfte landade vi i tre värdeord som summerar verksamheten: Vetenskap, tillgänglighet och folk­rörelse. Med dessa i åtanke har vi skapat produkter som med sitt uttryck ska locka den unga och medvetna stadsmänniskan. ​

Med praktiska lösningar och tydliga instruktioner strävar vi efter att göra odling lättillgängligt för målgruppen. Genom att använda oss av torkade blommor och lugna, jordnära färger behåller vi ena foten i ett klassiskt och vetenskapligt uttryck, medan vi med den andra tar ett kliv in i 2019 och ger Botaniska ett lättsammare och uppkäftigare formspråk som tillgängliggör verksamheten för en ny generation växtentusiaster.

För att sprida växtglädjen har Botaniska fått kampanjen #växtvärk. Genom att ta bort det seriösa kring odling och göra det kravlöst, väcker vi ett intresse och skapar en gemenskap. Hashtaggen förs framåt på instagram och blir ett eget forum med intentionen att visa på att odling inte har några regler. 



In a collaboration between Adidas and BrobyGrafiska, me and Sofia Stiernlöf created a suggestion for a packaging solution for Adidas original shoes and had the honor of winning a trip to Adidas headquarters in Germany.

Aiming to challenge the idea of what a packaging for shoes can be, we strived to give our solution a shape that’s literally outside the box.

We have thrown the boxes away and made a solution with an origami sleeve inspired by Adidas classical stripes, a color coding in bright 90’s sporty neon colors representing each shoe model and a inner cylinder with a grunge inspired pattern. A packaging hard to miss. But it’s not only eye catching, it’s also practical.

The color coding makes it easy for both staff and customer to tell the models apart. Size, color and model is clearly marked at both top and bottom, making it possible for the packaging to be displayed both standing up and laying down on the store shelfs. Worn as a bag either in the handel or the practical shoulder strap, it’s not only a packaging but also an edgy sportbag made of carton, providing the customer with an unboxing experience, start to finish. With the environment in mind we’ve put the plastic bag to rest and got ourselves a trademark, branding Adidas every time it’s worn.

Ica vego

In a collaboration between BrobyGrafiska and ICA, we designed a suggestion for a packaging solution to ICAS vegetarian selection of foods. To reach the target group we had too make packagings that clearly communicates the values that this group prioritizes. Craftsmanship, taste and quality. With these catchwords in mind, we created a solution with a simple Scandinavian design representing the high quality and craftsmanship of the products, combined with a
imagery full of flavor. An elegant design that will not only last in the long run but also make Icas vegetarian products stand out in the crowd. 

Co-designers: Tom Karlsson, Erika Svensson & Mirja Dahlgren

Uppgårdens juice

The brief was to create juice boxes for three flavors free of choice. I made a fictional brand called Uppgårdens, an ecological fruit farm placed in the Swedish countryside. My intention was to make juice boxes that instantly feels ecological and local. By using bright colors and hand painting the fruits and typography Uppgårdens juice will not only grab your attention but also instantly communicate to the customer that this is an ecological, local and healthy product.

Plastic wrap

In this project I was given three themes to relate to. Crime, glamour and art deco. The task was to do a photoshoot using a product and incorporate the themes to it. I made a photoshoot with plastic wrap and aimed to give it a dark yet comic expression, I worked with the slogan “scary strong” as a guide line  to achieve the right mood in the photograph and did a retusch that strengthens the themes. 


The assignment was to create a book cover for the famous Swedish author Karin Boye’s book Kris (crisis) from 1931. We had 24 hours to make a cover that represented her novel. A story about the inner crisis of a young women struggling too figure out the essence of her self, torn between religion and forbidden love.

I chose to interpret the story by letting the title speak for it self with help from the splited letter shaped as a human, accompanied by a mellow color to set the mood.

(School project)

Pida award winner

In this years PIDA AWARDS me, Linnèa Danielsson and Mirja Dahlberg had the honor of winning the competition. We were given the task to create a packaging solution with unboxing as the keyword and aimed to make a package that would appeal to the modern, selective, high demanding customer who craves that extra something.
With this in mind we chose to create a packaging for chocolate, but not any chocolate, luxurious, unique chocolate from the Swedish mountains in Västerbotten. Chocolate with genuine flavors  from the northern forests, a koncept we call Klimpfjäll chokladtoppar/chocolate peaks. Klimpfjäll is a confectionery with old ancestors, a small business which cherishes the Swedish nature and its flavors. Luxurious chocolate that will be sold in cafés, sweetshops and well stocked grocery stores.
Instead of making an ordinary box of chocolates we took the nature theme and ran with it, making klimpfjäll stand out on the store shelf, challenging the customers expectations on a premium chocolate box.
With the unboxing keyword echoing in our minds we have created a table runner of chocolate peaks, a hexagon shaped tree stump which turns in to a chain of mountains once you unfold it.
Klimpfjäll chocolate peaks provides the customer with an innovative chocolate box, a piece of Scandinavian design, ideal for dinner partys. 
This packaging does not only become a practical table runner easy to reach from both sides of the table so every guest can get them selfes a delicious piece of chocolate, it’s also a decorative attribute, there’s no need to waste resources and material on extra  table decorations. Klimpfjäll chocolate peaks is two in one, simply fold it out and your table is all set!