In a collaboration between Adidas and BrobyGrafiska, me and Sofia Stiernlöf created a suggestion for a packaging solution for Adidas original shoes and had the honor of winning a trip to Adidas headquarters in Germany.

Aiming to challenge the idea of what a packaging for shoes can be, we strived to give our solution a shape that’s literally outside the box.

We have thrown the boxes away and made a solution with an origami sleeve inspired by Adidas classical stripes, a color coding in bright 90’s sporty neon colors representing each shoe model and a inner cylinder with a grunge inspired pattern. A packaging hard to miss. But it’s not only eye catching, it’s also practical.

The color coding makes it easy for both staff and customer to tell the models apart. Size, color and model is clearly marked at both top and bottom, making it possible for the packaging to be displayed both standing up and laying down on the store shelfs. Worn as a bag either in the handel or the practical shoulder strap, it’s not only a packaging but also an edgy sportbag made of carton, providing the customer with an unboxing experience, start to finish. With the environment in mind we’ve put the plastic bag to rest and got ourselves a trademark, branding Adidas every time it’s worn.

Posted by:sofieg94

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